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There has been distilling on the Woodford Reserve Distillery site for more than 235 years, making it the oldest Bourbon distillery in Kentucky. Now owned by Brown-Forman — one of America’s largest wine and spirits companies — it has been refitted and set to expand. Since the beginning, the folks at Woodford have been influential in the development and codifying of Bourbon production. In short, they helped invent the spirit as we know and love it today. 

We do not have enough room here to list all the awards and accolades. People just LOVE Woodford Reserve Bourbon. We do too. But let’s be perfectly clear… there are definitely some higher end Bourbons out there. Heck, Woodford has a few top-end offerings that are wonderful. But when it comes to that magic combination of producing a high-quality Whiskey that consistently tastes great, has superior mouth-feel and texture, smells like the tears of angels, AND is affordable to most folks as a daily dram… Woodford Reserve is hard to beat.

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