Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup, 200 ml

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A delicious flower naturally preserved in the best quality cane sugar available in Australia.

Flavour Profile: Blackberry/Raspberry flavour
Texture: firm but pliant. Easy to use.
Truly versatile and fun for both cocktail and culinary applications. 
Looking for a talking point at your event? This is it!


2 most popular recipes around the world are:

  1. Add flower to champagne flute, then your favourite bubbly and a dash of natural hibiscus syrup from the jar. Stunning!
  2. Drain flowers (reserve syrup for other recipes). Stuff with goat cheese and finish with a piece of chive and fresh ground black pepper. D'lish!

Keep the natural hibiscus syrup (after flowers have been used) for vinaigrettes, sauces, drizzling on pancakes to cocktails.

Turn a hibiscus flower inside out to make a pretty star shape presentation. Garnish cheese platters, cakes, and cocktails.


Cocktails & Mocktails - use flower to garnish and syrup for flavoured sweetener
Seafood & Meat - use syrup as a glazing/condiment ingredient
Cheese & Savory - stuff flower with goat cheese; Hibiscus chilli salsa
Cake & Dessert - garnish cakes & desserts; use syrup for sauce or jelly

FLAVOUR PAIRING - typical combinations used with our hibiscus products to date:

Fruit/Veg: apple, coconut, guava, lemon, lime, orange, pear, peppers, pineapple, raspberry
Herbs/Spice/Other: basil, cinnamon, chilli, cloves, coriander, cumin, ginger, mint, rose, thyme, white & dark chocolate
Meat: duck, oysters, pork, salmon, sashimi
Cheese: cream cheese, goat cheese, mascarpone
Alcohol: beer/ciders, gin, rum, sparkling wine, tequila, vodka, whiskey, liqueurs - elder flower, hibiscus, orange, raspberry
Cuisines: Asian, Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Modern

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