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The Nomad leads us to an oasis. A place where bright malts shimmer like a hazy mirage, the colour of sun-bleached straw. Where cool, fragrant hops conjure scents of peach and mango, citrus and pine. Have we found a piece of paradise? Perhaps. Heaven knows where a Nomad goes.

HOPS: Galaxy, Mosiac, Citra.
MALT: Rahr 2-Row, Rahr Malted Wheat, Red Shed Kananaskis Malt, Best Acidulated Malt

The Village Nomad is our new full-time hazy IPA. The malt bill for the Nomad is clean and simple, we don't want to tread on the hops. Some Rahr 2-Row and malted wheat achieve this just fine. Some Red Shed Kananaskis malt was added for just a hint of complexity. The hops are an all-start lineup: Galaxy, Mosaic and Citra. The boil has no hop additions, the whirlpool is Galaxy and Mosaic while all three are added for the dry hopping. We didn't want to leave anything to chance, so we are producing this with RO water, as such we can build our own water profile, which aims to push the hops forward and not interfere with any harsh mineral flavours. The final character in this story is the yeast, Escarpment's Foggy London Ale. When fermented a touch higher than usual, we can get a nice fruity ester formation. Overall, the Nomad is not a light-bodied and sessionable beer for all, but it packs in the hoppy flavour you would expect from a hazy IPA.

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