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Red Stripe lager has been brewed in Jamaica since the 1920's and is just as smooth and refreshing today as it was back then. Perhaps known most predominantly for its stubby bottle and white label with the eponymous red stripe running across like a badge of honor, what's inside the bottle is just as prestigious. Born and bred in a country known for the laid back, beach life atmosphere, Red Stripe tastes almost as if a bit of that Jamaican sunshine is packaged along with the beer itself.

This is a beer that tastes perfectly great straight out of the bottle. It's made for slow days of island life, no need for pretentious glassware or any over analysis. Pop the cap, take a swig, and put your mind at ease. The amber lager is brewed with a bit of cassava starch which is likely what creates a bit of a sweeter flavor to the malt profile, providing just a hint of butterscotch character, all balanced with the clean, grassy hop profile. It's a beer meant to be enjoyed ice cold in the cool shade of a breezy tree and the crisp, clean body is perfect for just that occasion.

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