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The epitome of smoothness, Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila is a treat for the discriminating customer. An authentic silver tequila, Especial Silver is masterfully balanced to bring out its caramel, agave and herbal tones. Even if you're new to silver tequila, you've heard the name Jose Cuervo. The company boasts the largest agave holdings on the planet. Jose Cuervo agave is nestled in rich, volcanic soil and allowed to grow for seven years to reach maturity. After harvesting and pruning, the agave is sent to the famous La Rojeña distillery, which has been around since 1812. Each day, the oven deck at La Rojeña receives up to 300 tons of agave to produce Jose Cuervo tequila. Unlike most of Jose Cuervo's tequilas, Especial Silver remains unaged and contains at least 51 percent agave. The remaining liquid consists of sugarcane spirit. It's bottled immediately after distillation to maintain its pleasantly balanced aromas. The taste is light and mild, showcasing a blend of acidity and sweetness, which allows for easy drinking and mixing. Since Jose Cuervo Especial Silver has a clean, light taste, it's great for shots, especially if you want to follow it up with a chaser. The best way to enjoy Especial Silver, however, is in a cocktail. Use it to make the brand's delicious Cuervo Margarita, which is two parts Especial Silver, ice and one part each of triple sec and lime juice. Talk about delicious! 

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