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At its base there is the historical recipe of the Jgermeister, developed more than eighty years ago by Wilhelm Mast, the founder of the company, and jealously guarded which foresees the infusion of 56 varieties of precious herbs, roots, fruits and spices from all over the world. Compared to that of the original, the Manifest formula contains however other botanical ingredients, also kept secret, cleverly blended in five maceration processes, instead of the traditional four of the older brother. Another difference is the double ripening process in small oak barrels, in which the liqueur rests more than a year before bottling.

Jagermeister Manifest Herbal Liqueur Tasting Notes

Nose: Predominantly pine, aniseed and caramel with menthol and complex herbal scents.

Palate: Piney (more than oak) and enlivening spice, smoothed by rich caramel, vanilla and liquorice, with dried fruit and very complex rooty herbal notes.

Finish: Herbal (particularly thyme), piney with subtle aniseed and menthol freshness.

Distillery Information

Mast-Jägermeister SE is a German liquor company owned by the Findel-Mast family. The corporate offices are located in Wolfenbüttel. Jägermeister is the primary product of Mast-Jägermeister SE. They also produce the lesser known SchlehenFeuer, a brand of sloe gin. In the past, they manufactured a multitude of liquors and liqueurs.

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