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Brugal 1888 Gran Reserva Familiar Rum is double-distilled and double-aged (first in American oak barrels followed by Spanish sherry casks), projects a light sweetness and isn't overbearingly smoky or spicy. The aging process brings out the rum's full flavor without overly complicating the taste.
The nose on this rum immediately sets it apart.  Rather than the typical cane sugar aroma of most rums, Brugal 1888 has the nose of a well-aged, oaky bourbon.
The taste of this stuff is just as impressive as the nose, with the expected coconut characteristic of a Caribbean rum and the unexpected taste of oak and vanilla.  Brugal 1888 has a little bit of a bite, but overall it’s pretty smooth, which is expected because of its age and relatively low proof. The bite is relatively brief on the finish, but the flavors stick around for a little while. Brugal 1888 is a really spectacular rum and excellent sipping rum.

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